The main purpose of the council is to establish, promote and support dialogue and business relations between representatives of the gambling industry, solving problems, developing the gambling business, protecting the rights of participants and organizers of gambling.


  • 1 Establishing dialogue and business relations between representatives of the gambling industry and representatives of related fields of activity;
  • 2 Development of the gambling industry, e-sports, sports poker;
  • 3 Comprehensive promotion of public awareness and responsibility in the field of gambling;
  • 4 Organization of public control over compliance with the legislation governing the field of gambling and entertainment;
  • 5 Organization of public events for the purpose of informational and educational activities on observance of the principles of responsible play;
  • 6 Conducting public opinion polls and publishing their results;
  • 7 Assistance in public involvement in the process of discussion and decision-making by authorized public authorities in the field of gambling and entertainment;
  • 8 Ensuring control over the observance of citizens' rights during participation in gambling, sports or e-sports competitions;
  • 9 Promoting the improvement of the legal framework governing the gambling and entertainment industry in Ukraine;
  • 10 Ensuring the organization and discussion at the level of experts and participants in the gambling market of legislative initiatives related to the gambling industry, gambling and entertainment and providing professional expertise based on their results;
  • 11 Organization and holding of various events and promotions in the field of gambling and entertainment;
  • 12 Research and analysis of the best world practices in the field of gambling regulation;
  • 13 Creation and promotion of recommendations and practices aimed at increasing consumer confidence;
  • 14 Providing recommendations, if necessary, to the relevant authorities in carrying out activities related to the organization of any program or information campaign, in order to combat gambling addiction (addiction), admission of minors or the organization and conduct of gambling games that contradict the law;
  • 15 Forming proposals for amendments to draft legislation relating to the field of gambling;
  • 16 Support for legislative initiatives related to gambling and entertainment;
  • 17 Organization and implementation of measures aimed at prevention and prevention of threats to the spread of gambling addiction in Ukraine;
  • 18 Creating all appropriate conditions for establishing contacts with international organizations of any form of ownership and subordination for the exchange of experience in the field of gambling, gambling, sports and e-sports;
  • 19 Providing information activities, informing the public about current news in the field of gambling, development of gambling, sports, e-sports, sports poker, as well as existing problems related to gambling addiction;
  • 20 Facilitating the establishment of contacts between scientists, experts and representatives of the gambling market of Ukraine and other countries for the purpose of exchange;
  • 21 Advising, supporting and providing assistance, in particular, but not exclusively legal, to members of the council, representatives of the gambling business and related activities;
  • 22 Communication and cooperation with government agencies, local governments, local communities, associations of citizens, marketing agencies, lawyers, law firms;
  • 23 Promotion of activities related to the struggle for cessation of activities that threaten to violate the rights and interests of participants in the gambling market;
  • 24 Conducting information and educational activities on the statutory activities of the council;
  • 25 Research, monitoring and analysis of social processes, phenomena and events related to the main purpose of the council;
  • 26 Protection of legal rights and interests of council members and other citizens.


Promotion and development of the gaming industry in Ukraine, taking into account the interests of representatives of the gambling business, the public and the government


Andrey Astapov

Andrey Astapov

Managing Partner at ETERNA LAW, member of the Expert Advisory Council of the Gambling and Lottery Regulation Commission of Ukraine


Artem Kuzmenko

Artem Kuzmenko

Partner at ETERNA LAW, Head of the Gambling Committee of the Ukrainian Advocates Association

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GC-UA is an independent association of participants of the gaming market of Ukraine